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July, 2017

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Canadian Evangelism Congress
Sept 25-26, 2017

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Why a Canadian Evangelism Congress?

How do we introduce people to the relevance and impact of the Gospel during a time of information overload? How do we reach people for Christ in a country increasingly secular and multicultural? How do we persuade people who spend most of their time looking at their phones to lift their eyes to Jesus?

The Canadian Evangelism Congress on September 25 - 26, 2017 in Edmonton, AB, is designed to inspire, resource and equip church leaders, and individual Christians to discover new ways to reach their communities with the Good News of Jesus Christ. Whether it's sharing the Gospel through social action initiatives or comedy, having a spiritual impact on campus, connecting with new Canadians, or ministering to the divorced and/or remarried, the avenues to reach Canadians for Christ are as varied as the people who urgently need to hear the Good News. In addition, this two-day event will provide a stimulating forum for you to establish lasting relationships with like-minded church leaders throughout our nation so all of us can continue to share successful evangelism strategies long after the Congress ends.

How To Register
Online or call 1.800.293.3717

For King & Country at Evergreen State Fair
Aug 28/17 7:30 PM

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